Personal mandala

Personal Mandala is unique to each person and generates vibrational fields acting and balancing it.
Its design is based on Sacred Geometry obtained from personal numerology.
When soul embodied in this physical reality, choose to align with certain vibrational frequencies which are chosen for their Higher Self. This frequencies are vibrational patterns that result in geometric shapes and particular color acting as information codes bringing decodes the unconscius. This information are the qualities to manifest on this plane.
Personal Mandala is done by translating this energies into geometric shapes.
Numerical frequencies are contained in the personal data: the name, last name and the birth date.
By the numerology we can know the qualities of the soul, personality, karma, mission and destinity of the person.
With the Personal Mandala you can enhance your qualities and prepare for the learnings of this life.
In order to be more effective, this mandala will represent a jewel hung to carry either sterling silver or painted in acrylic polymer clay with their corresponding colors.

The manufacturing process starts with your personal manadala processing of personal data (date of birth and full name) and then these numbers in geometric shapes.
Draw the mandala with its different layers indicating the soul, personality, karma, mission and destiny of the person with all the data:

Then decorate with corresponding colors in his numerology:

Finally there is a group of mandala and sent to a jeweler or gravel in the polymer paste which is then decorated with acrylic paint:

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