Hebrew pendulum

It is known as the pendulum healing, complementary therapy that integrates the benefits of Dowsing Vibrational Medicine.

Ancient technique known 4500 years ago which started in China in Yû dynasty.
Lets get specific answers from electromagnetic stimuli.
Hebrew Pendulum is an instrument that one side detects diseases inharmonious states and the presence of astral larvae.

Vibrational Medicine
Every living being emits a vibration essential to manifest a disease that alters vibration.
By exposing their lives to be essential vibration which achieves restore health or their natural state. Its origin comes from Tibet (7,000 years ago) where metal alloys bowls used to cast healing vibrations. In the case of the pendulum mystical Hebrew language is used to emit specific vibrations.

This therapy is divided into two sessions (either in person or remotely):

1st session: (duration 1 h 30 min.)
It detects and cleans the presence of: miasma (identifying their origins: petrochemicals, heavy metals, psychotic, syphilis, cancer, psora, tuberculosis and radioactive), larvae astral, magic, ritual magic, evil eye and limiters. Cards radiates healing to restore balance vibrating magnetic field and chakras.

2nd session: (duration 1 h 30 min)
It detects and cleans diseases originated in past, present and future by opening genealogical record, due to: difficulties, ties, anger, moorings, oppositions, jealousy, envy, anxiety, anxiety, ghosts, hate, gossip, guilt, confusion, limiters, spells, curses, possession, demons, implant energy, aches and ties. Radiating protection, opening of roads, cleaning of evil, remain clean and healthy, ritual purification, harmonization of environmental ills electromagnetic field and restoring its balance.

Advised to review before three months to verify that it is completely healed and to reinforce the points that could not be completely resolved.

Full name, birth date and address
Send mail: violant.de.bru@gmail.com

1st Session distance
Price: € 30.00
Sending by mail

2nd Session distance
Price: € 40.00
Sending by mail

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