Recent years have discovered new mineral properties that provide energy that help the spiritual growth of the people by increasing their molecular vibration energy and contributing to its healing, enlightenment and protection.
Some of these new minerals have specific properties and ranked among the healers.
I present my personal choice in which you will find all the desired properties such as healing, enlightenment, abundance, harmony and protection.


Stone made up of seven minerals, amethyst, smoky quartz, rutile quartz, geotita, and lepidocrita cacoxenite.
Stone high spiritual vibration with exceptional clarity that is changing the vibratory level of the planet and everything on it.
Many pieces contain a spiritual being tuned highest sources of guidance and inspiration.
Meditate a superset is a heavenly experience and serves to distance healing.
Turn all the chakras and subtle bodies, and aligns with the higher spiritual vibrations, activating spiritual gifts.
Sana alterations physical, intellectual and spiritual, and again put the soul in communication with the divine.
A crystal is emotionally soothing and nourishing.
Concerning environmental stimulates self-healing and healthy global plot.
Useful when there is fear of racial disturbances or terrorist activity, then restores peace and sense of security and community interconnection.
Extremely useful to harmonize the body, stimulating natural healing system of the body and heal the memory cell.
Supports the immune system, skin and bones.


Stone very energetic, powerful, capable of condensing the negative energy of the auric field and also is able to radiate a powerful energy protection.
Make a purification of the ego in favor of spiritual development.
Located in reality when the goals are impossible by making sense of proportion.
Inside there is a range of colors that help in the process of change and / or confusion.
They give supernatural powers to ward off evil spirits and undo the negative energy blockages that prevent the energy flow to the body.
Used as protective amulet shaped pendant at the height of the heart or the solar plexus.


Deep black with golden reflections.
In healing with crystals is the most valued.
It plays a totally energetic balancing protection.
Provides great power restorative and protective auric level.
Used in shamanic rituals of submission, channeling and healing.
Energy shield against any harmful if it is hung on the skin.


Mineral composed shattuckita, dioptasa, malachite and crisocola on smoky quartz which prevents the healing crisis.
Stone transformation with dramatic effect on the energy field.
Strengthens the immune system and DNA, activating the healing of the twelve bands of DNA.
Lays the spiritual energy on the planet and allows passing information from all levels of being.
Stone protection that absorbs negative energies and pollutants.
In terms of spiritual cleansing and psychic vision for protecting the pipeline, making sure that the organization does not revive a physical body.
Meditate with him to see the positive changes that you want to create to overcome the negative expectations.
Restore the environmental balance.
Sana effects of the sentence and release the pain of the heart in the body content. Undo unwanted ties and teaches you to take responsibility for your actions, thoughts and feelings.
Remove hypnotic commands cleaning curses of past lives and secret agreements.
Powerful cleanser and detoxifier mental releases of the need to control others and addictions.
Provides internal strength, enhances personal power and inspires creativity.
He is a master healer who returns balance body at the cellular level. Help the pancreas, thyroid, metabolism, thymus, hypertension, pain, migraine, fatigue, shock, arthritis, sores, cramps, infections and miasma.


Black stone and earth antigeopàtica found only in Karelia (Russia) possibly created by the impact of a meteorite two billion years. It contains all the minerals of the periodic table.
It has a phenomenal power protective structure of carbon fullerenes and electromagnetic conductorageotermal being excellent.
Protects against electromagnetic emissions.
Cleaning pollutants mental or emotional encouraged to preserve the wisdom of the past to the present to apply to create a new future.
Turn the water by removing contaminants and harmful microorganisms.
Absorbs pesticides, free radicals, bacteria or microwave emissions.
Enhances physical and has a powerful effect on the immune system.
Restores emotional balance and stress transmuted into a powerful energy recharge.
It is a cure-all, promotes cell metabolism, neurotransmitters, immune systems, digestive and filtration enhancing the production of enzymes and pain relief.
Detoxifying, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine.


Mineral striated blue, gray or colorless allowing energy to flow at high speed.
It brings calm, serenity and peace of mind.
Magical properties for the healing of past life karma and viewing video footage earlier placed third eye.


Stone storm containing the keys of the kingdom of heaven.
Centra spiritual being settled in the etheric body facilitating the spiritual journey in order to read the records akàsics and get insights about your incarnations that are found there. to
Stone vision in search of shamanic journey.
During the meditations quick access to a much altered state of consciousness.
It stimulates the third eye and the pineal gland allowing access to intuition, spiritual visions and psychic gift of premonition.
Pair with a level of loving guidance.
We linked to your source of inner guidance and helps you recognize the truth or falsity of the words of others.
Dissolves blockages and clarifies the confusion.
Used for healing past life freeing up the votes and the promises made in the lives of others by supporting your personal will.
Help to process old conflicts and repressed feelings.
It stimulates the pituitary gland, balancing the endocrine system and hormone production metabolism, growth, sex and body temperature.
Cleaning and energizes the meridians of the body and cleaning the diseases caused by the depletion in those who have no time to rest.


Meteorite from the constellation Orion, dark green that gives powers of communication with the space brothers, used to make connections and pipe.
Produces an energy drain cleaning and renovation placed in the heart chakra and feet.
Only manifests all its power if it is the bond with their vibrational frequency.
It is a catalyst capable of modulating, changing states of consciousness to meditate on her and her healing ability to change and imbalances wisdom.
Repair auric imbalance in the network.
Sacred stone with the power of initiation.
Green stone for healing nervous system problems.
Interdimensional used to facilitate communication.
It acts differently in each person's level of healing.
Moldavite never a coincidence in our life, always comes to help us in any personal matter, which is why you should be alert when you arrive.


Its green, pink or light and its lithium content gives soothing and flattering nervous system.
Indicated in cases of depression, pain, suffering, intolerance, injustice, sadness, frustration, hopelessness and disillusionment acting as a protective shield.
The fluted shape allows energy to flow to the surface at high speed being one of the most healing mineral energy level.
Their grooves allow your energy vibrates at extraordinary speed.

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